As a Microsoft Certified IT Team, experienced with the needs of small busines, we utilize tested systems, methodologies and accountability to help your company become more efficient, productive and profitable. The BNS Way!

Professional Computer Service for Small Business


At Business Network Solutions we understand that outsourcing is part of helping your company stay competitive, focused and profitable. Having a computer support company is part of that strategy. Our services are designed to help you accomplish this goal. If you have a support request, or any questions about what we do please call or contact us and a Support Advisor will contact you during regular business hours.

Since you are in the process of evaluating computer support companies, our goal on this page is to help you find information about the services you are looking for quickly and easily. You will find more information about each service by scrolling further down.

  • Corporate Maintenance is the systematic, proactive and immediate technical support for your network, servers and workstations, managed by our certified IT Professionals and Support Staff. The end result of a network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive. If you have always thought that there must be something better than the break-fix approach your current IT support provider is giving you, then you will love our method to supporting your company's computers.

    Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network, but getting there involves a more proactive approach of regular maintenance and monitoring. Whether it is our As Needed services, Fixed Price Maintenance plans, Custom Maintenance Plans or assisting your full time IT staff, Business network Solutions has the right support plan for you.

  • Business Network Solutions has the knowledge and experience you are looking for in a computer consulting company focused on helping small businesses in Citrus, Hernando and Marion counties make wise decisions regarding their network. Here is why.

    Successful companies, large and small, rarely make business decisions without a clear goal or plan in place. Business today is fiercely competitive. One wrong move or misallocation of resources could be disastrous. Good, solid, trustworthy advice is more important than ever. When successful companies need to make critical decisions, they seek out those who have delivered proven results. So, how do you know what advice is good? Where do you find it and how much does it cost?

    • How We Do Planning
    • Our consulting services can either be performed on an hourly basis ($85.00 Per Hour) or through our exclusive Technology Evaluation and Recommendations process (beginning at $499.00 depending on the size of the network). This method is our systematic way of approaching technology decision-making. Ultimately our goal is to give you the information and tools for making thoughtful and appropriate decisions for your business, whether it is network planning, network upgrades, or computer network maintenance.

  • What is a technology project? A project can be a network upgrade, setting up a new network at a new or remote office, connecting new workstations to the network, installing a new server, or implementing network security and virus protection systems network wide.

    • Solution Design
    • Deployment
    • Follow Up

    Proven Systems... not a Science Experiment or Hobby

    So how do we do it? Network planning and network upgrades performed by Business Network Solutions follow the accepted best practices of successful IT companies in the areas of network planning, design, deployment and follow-up. This process and our exclusive 100+ point project checklist ensures consistent results with minimal disruption to your office during the course of the network upgrade, server installation or new computer installation.

    Since we place our highest values on consistent, reliable solutions for the long-term happiness and productivity of your office, you can feel confident we will only recommend proven solutions that will accomplish these goals and not those that are the "coolest" or "newest" at the time. Also important to note: Network upgrades and installations are designed specifically with small business schedules and budgets in mind.

    At Business network Solutions, our primary goal is to transform the technology needs of your business into an industry standard solution that produces clear, tangible results for your business on time and on budget.